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Press at Work by Matteo Pressamariti is a luxury sneakers brand made in Italy. The iconic shapes of the shoes are intertwined with the cultural heritage of streetwear and the image of workers from all over the world. Each pair of Press shoes defines the personality of the wearer, conveying a refined and elegant style but keeping a peculiar streetwear and urban lifestyle soul. All shoes are defined by a strong attention to detail and the constant research and innovation of raw materials and their accessories, creating a unique combination in terms of design and visual lines. The brand is inspired by the world of workwear in its rawest form: a sophisticated urban industrial style with contaminations from the underground imagery, a mix of leathers and metals, technical fabrics and high fashion. Press shoes draw inspiration from factories, machinery, by the chrome colors of metals and danger signs. A postmodern reimagining that crosses boundaries and bridges the gap between high fashion and streetwear, with an innovative design and a style that remains faithful to the great tradition of Made in Italy